Watch this space, very active winter/spring coming up!

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Uilleann piping lessons, events, travels, will share here, watch this space!

Added another place to hear and see the Uilleann Pipes in Chicago!

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We have great Irish traditional music every Tuesday at the Halsted Harp, with Patrick Cannady presiding. We have added an additional session at Johnny O’Hagan’s pub! Join us Thursday, 02/06/14 8pm as we launch Irish traditional music at Johnny O’Hagan’s! Hospitality stellar! #irishmusic #irishsession

Next PIOBAIRI February 1, 2014 at Irish American Heritage Center

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PÍOBAIRÍ, a presentation hosted by Patrick Cannady, Karen Cook Cannady with Patrick’s students and musical colleagues, continues through 2014 in the Fifth Province Pub at the Irish American Heritage Center. Sample the pub menu and enjoy the music 5-7PM on the following Saturdays going forward: 02/01/2013, 3/1, 4/5, 5/3, 6/7 with more dates to follow.

Tin whistle and piping tuition is available on Saturdays as well. Contact Patrick Cannady for more information by commenting on this post!

Why Are Uilleann Pipes So Expensive?

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People often ask me why the uilleann pipes are so much more expensive in comparison to Scottish highland pipes. I ask you to imagine an axis of complexity, with a snake charmer’s shawm on one end of the pole and a modern Loree orchestral oboe on the other end. The Highland pipes are more complex than the snake charmer’s shawm, but much less complex than a modern oboe in terms of bore and reed design. The uilleann pipes chanter is about as complex as an 18th century concert oboe, in that it has many of the same bore characteristics and the long, thin reed we see in orchestral winds of that time. It too, is not as complex as a modern orchestral oboe, but it has a sophisticated bore design that is time consuming to make. Pipe makers can usually only make 4-6 full sets per year, allowing time for reeds and repairs for existing work. Consider that a professional quality oboe costs $8k+, and a bassoon $15k-$25k, pipes are not at all out of line for a handmade, relatively sophisticated instrument using similar materials and processes.

For your enjoyment:

Recommended: how to care for your uilleann pipes (and other instruments) in the wintertime in Chicago!

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Ahhh. It’s 17 degrees Fahrenheit in Chicago…48% relative humidity outside. Which means the relative humidity inside our dwelling would be in the 20-25% range…IF we didn’t have humidifiers boosting it to 52% relative humidity, according to the hygrometer in Pat’s pipe case…Guess what?

Everything works on both sets of pipes, a 3/4 concert set and a full B set – in fact they’re singing like choirs of angels. Leaving the condo for short spells to play tunes in a crowded pub, like we did last night, is not a problem. There’s a lesson here if you’re new to piping and struggling with the effects of indoor heating on your reeds.

We are hosting a NPUTV Live Stream Saturday, December 7, 2013 2:30pm

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Saturday, December 7, 2013 2:30pm CST – we are hosting a live streaming gathering in Chicago!

Coming Up on NPU-TV
Breandán Breathnach Commemoration

8:30pm – Illustrated Lecture – Seán Donnelly:
‘The Cork Pipers’ Club: the early years, 1899–1912′

9:30pm – Piping Recital with Néillidh Mulligan, Robbie Hannan, Tommy Keane

Thanksgiving Break for Uilleann Pipes Instruction!

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Taking a break for Thanksgiving, will be back the first Saturday in December. Any questions on taking tin whistle on the way to learning uilleann pipes, comment here!


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